Refund Policy

  • Please note that the prices of products in this list are guaranteed as of the date of issue and valid only for 30 days. After 30 days, prices may change.
  • Free delivery is provided but some restrictions apply based on the delivery location and the average value of orders. Please ask for the details.
  • All products, screens, digitizers, batteries, back covers and small parts, are under the warranty of a year.
Warranties Included 
    • Ghost touching screens and digitizers
    • Touch Lost
    • Discolouration
    • Dead pixel on screen
    • Defect charging port and volume button only if the screen assembly includes the frame and the port 
    • Frame separation
Warranties Excluded 
    • Broken, cracked and damaged (including water damage) parts 
    • Framed and/or installed screens(applicable for any screen sold without the frame) 
    • Any unexpected failure because of any software update/upgrade 
    • Static line (green, pink line) on LCD 
    • Only qualified RMA will be refunded to clients account after inspection done by Mobile Active.
  • It is under buyer`s responsibility to check the delivered items for any physical defects at the time of the delivery. Mobile Active is NOT responsible for any later (2 days) claim(s).
  • Mobile Active uses the most recent list to price RMA parts. 
  • The date on a payment check must be either the date on which it was received or earlier. Postdated checks are NOT accepted. 
  • Our inventory includes but is not limited to the products in this list. Please contact us if you are looking for a product that is not included in this list.